Accreditations and their Industry Value

Healthcare accreditations. You’ve most likely heard of them but might not be aware of what it really means for an organization to be accredited or how it even happens. We’ve compiled 5 things you need to know about accreditation, and what you should be looking for when collaborating with a healthcare organization.

  1. It’s voluntary: Accreditation is a process that organizations voluntarily pursue.
  2. It’s unbiased: External reviewers evaluate an organization’s compliance with pre-established performance criteria.
  3. It’s rigorous: It is a rigorous process that looks at the policies, procedures and files of the organization and benchmarks them next to stringent industry standards.
  4. It’s earned: The seal of accreditation is awarded after the successful completion of a desktop and onsite review.
  5. It’s long term: Typically, the accreditation period is awarded for three years.

Simply stated, healthcare organizations who earn a national accreditation are identified as being dedicated to high-quality care standards. The accreditation process provides an opportunity for the organization to strengthen its program. Accredited healthcare organizations are also recognized for:

  • Providing better care for members through education, empowerment, and personalized support
  • Identifying and eliminating gaps in care
  • Ensuring the collaboration and coordination of member’s clinical care team
  • Emphasizing continuous quality improvement
  • Applying a nationally recognized quality management system to enhance operations
  • Implementing clinical evidence-based best practices Ensuring cost-effective clinical processes and service
  • Demonstrating commitment to quality
  • Creating distinction among industry competitors

Magellan Rx Management proudly holds six national accreditations.

  • Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) for Specialty Pharmacy Distribution
  • National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for Utilization Management and Case Management
  • URAC for Pharmacy Benefit Management, Health Utilization Management, and Specialty Pharmacy Distribution

We pursue and maintain nationally recognized accreditations because we are committed to clinical excellence and best-in-class quality care standards.

For more information on accreditations, visit the links below:

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