Stop Medical Distancing

As our country continues to navigate the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, a new concern has emerged – avoiding and delaying medical help when necessary, also known as medical distancing. Maintaining physical and mental health during the current pandemic is essential. If you are feeling ill, need a routine medical check-up, or have severe feelings of anxiety or depression, please seek medical attention.

Stop Medical Distancing 

It’s important that you feel safe and get the care that you need, when you need it. Here are some helpful tips to safely receive medical attention while social distancing:

  1.  Mask Up– The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have asked all Americans to wear a cloth face covering to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Medical facilities require patients, staff, and providers to wear a mask to protect you and your community. Take part in the fight against the coronavirus by complying and wearing a mask, too.
  1.  Distance Yourself– When you are waiting to be seen by your physician, ask if you can wait outside or in your car. If you have to stay inside, do your best to distance yourself from other patients, visitors, and staff. When returning home, avoid being in the presence of those most vulnerable to coronavirus.
  1.  Sanitize– Medical facilities are regularly cleaning waiting areas and exam rooms between each patient. Hand washing and sanitizing your hands before and after your visit is a must to protect yourself and your family from getting sick. Keep hand sanitizer in easy-to-reach places so you don’t forget, such as your bag, purse, pocket, or in your car.
  1.  Limit Visitors– To create a safe environment, many medical facilities have implemented restrictions and limitations on visitors. This helps protect you and other patients who are vulnerable to the coronavirus. Going to the doctor alone can be scary and intimidating – but it’s essential to limit friends of family members from going with you when it can be avoided.
  1.  Go Digital– If you’re still not comfortable with face-to-face visits or don’t need to be physically seen by a doctor, you should optimize telemedicine or telehealth services. These are appropriate and efficient means of connecting with your provider in the comfort of your own home.
  1.   Trust– Finally, trust your doctor and know that your safety is their number one priority. As the pandemic continues, medical facilities are adjusting the way they deliver health and enhancing their procedures and protocols.

Protecting yourself from the coronavirus does not need to get in the way of your overall health and well being. #Stopmedicaldistancing

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