A Team of Caring Professionals

Being discharged from the hospital or receiving an unexpected diagnosis can feel lonely and confusing. What’s next? Where do I start? How do I manage all these follow up visits? What was I prescribed?

Data suggests that access to a collaborative team of a pharmacist and care manager can reduce hospital re-admissions by 50 percent. With our data-driven MRx Navigate solution, we are identifying members who might get lost in their care journey, helping to protect them from gaps in care and the risks of non-adherence, and guiding them along their path to wellness.

By fully integrating the many touch points of a member’s health and wellness, our team of clinical professionals works closely together to understand the member’s healthcare needs and assist them to better manage their condition through education, empowerment and specialized support. Our team provides seamless continuity of care and healthcare population management, delivering quality health outcomes and value-based savings.

Jill Anderle, RN, MRx Navigate Care Manager, describes her role by saying, “I care for patients and their loved ones who are often in extremely overwhelming circumstances. By listening closely and validating members’ concerns, I assess gaps in their treatment plan once they are discharged from the hospital. We also teach self-advocacy and connect people to supportive community resources to help prevent unnecessary hospital re-admissions.”

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Mental Healthcare Manager Silvia Pantoja considers her role as multifaceted: “I help people who have recently been discharged from a hospital or mental health facility. Besides being a coordinator, educator, facilitator, and advocate, my main focus as a care manager is to empower patients by giving them a greater understanding of their disease.” Silvia helps connect members with therapists, psychiatrists, and other resources and stays in contact with each member to ensure they follow a clear discharge plan.

The MRx Navigate team has connections to extensive resources, helping members with durable medical equipment, like wheelchairs, scheduling follow-up appointments with specialists, and making sure the member’s home is safe and accommodates their new needs. The team’s clinical pharmacists provide drug information, answer questions about new medications, help find options for reducing the costs of drugs, and explain how to take medications appropriately and safely.

The wellness component of MRx Navigate, identifies opportunities for better care and increasing members’ quality of life through educational tools and preventive resources like bio-metric screenings, flu shot clinics, and mobile mammograms. Personal wellness coaches, like Baihly Birdseye, conduct outreach and health coaching. “Focusing on behavior change can not only help resolve illness, but it can also help member s avoid the hospital altogether, possibly preventing even more serious and costly complications. We also want wellness to be fun and engaging,” shares Baihly.

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