Assessment shows Wyoming’s High Fidelity Wraparound Program Builds Strengths for Youth

Wyoming’s High Fidelity Wraparound program continues to show successful outcomes for enrolled youth with complex behavioral health challenges.  Operated by Magellan Healthcare, Inc. through a collaboration with the Wyoming Department of Health, Division of Healthcare Financing (Medicaid), Wyoming’s High Fidelity Wraparound demonstrates that young people are getting more needs met in their own homes and communities.

High Fidelity Wraparound, an evidenced-based non-clinical intensive care coordination program, is a national model designed to bridge gaps for youth where challenges in behavior and mental health exist. The program uses peers and lived experience in a strengths-based way, focusing on what people do well and provides alternative options in addition to therapy and other traditional methods that fit individual preferences and cultures. This team approach provides a network of support for families, allowing them to be the experts of their lives and learn to drive the process.

“When youth behavior is extreme, there is higher probability of needing to leave home or school to address their needs in a clinical, therapeutic or detention setting. We meet people where they are, use assessments like the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) to identify needs and strengths, which inform the team of behaviors that should be addressed,” said Tammy Cooley, senior director of operations, Magellan Healthcare. “Youth are supported in meeting challenges like staying in school, having more positive relationships, and doing more of the things children should be doing at their age, which ultimately builds confidence and lasting positive change.”

In Wyoming’s High Fidelity Wraparound programs, CANS are administered at the beginning of a youth’s enrollment into the program and every three months until the youth successfully completes the voluntary program and transitions out.

Barbara Dunn, Director of Program Innovation and Outcomes for Magellan of Healthcare in Wyoming, said, “From July 2018 to June 2019, over 75 percent of youth enrolled in Wyoming’s High Fidelity Wraparound program experienced reduced severity of needs. The typical youth enrolls with nine treatment needs and resolves almost four while increasing strengths to maintain their gains.”

 Decreased Needs and Increased Strengths

July 2018-June 2019

Cooley said, “The evidence is powerful and shows reductions in high prevalence needs between a youth’s enrollment and discharge. Our program works when youth and families are engaged. Wyoming’s Department of Health, Division of Healthcare Financing (Medicaid) has given us a chance to deliver a quality home and community-based program through a care management entity model that gives high risk youth more access to care right where they need it most. From the results of this year’s CANS report, we show Wyoming’s High Fidelity Program is making a positive impact in the lives of our youth participants. We want all youth who qualify for this Medicaid program to see the benefits.”

 Wyoming CANS Initial Scores vs. CANS Discharge Scores in Key Intervention Areas

June 2019-July 2019


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