DREAMS – Automating IT in Exponential Organizations

Exponential Organizations (ExOs) deliver outcomes (or impact) that are disproportionally (10x) greater than their traditional competitors through the use of innovative business models, organizational techniques and digital technologies. Over the past two years, we at Magellan have developed, implemented and are continuously improving a new approach for managing IT in ExOs. Magellan Exponential IT (ExO IT) is a digital and cloud-first healthcare strategy that is enabled by agile operational processes and implemented by a highly engaged learning organization. These three basic components of ExO IT – Digital Strategy, Agile Operations and Learning Organization, work together in a cadence to deliver iterative technology enabled capabilities that build on each another to deliver business agility, 10x results and be adaptive to meet the evolving needs of today’s healthcare industry.

Earlier this year, we started to automate Magellan’s ExO IT model through a highly scalable, secure and always-on system called DREAMS (Digital Real-time Management System). DREAMS has six modules that are built on ServiceNow (Kingston) platform using a customer focused low-code, no-code approach. With DREAMS, we aim to deliver minimum efficient scale through the use of today’s cloud-based technologies, ubiquitous access, real time insights and lean processes. It is highly influenced by Design Thinking, Lean Thinking (The Toyota Production System), Agile Methods, and the Amazon Way (Customer first, develop press releases, two-pizza team etc.). The broad scope of DREAMS includes:

  1. Lead IT – This module operationalizes and automates our ExO IT strategy through focused and highly visible initiatives and expected outcomes. It does this through several Lean Thinking work products such as the X-Matrix, Leader Standard Work, Visual Management Systems, Initiative Press Releases, Project A3s and OKRs. At the center of Lead IT is a Digital 5S System. 5S (Sort, Standardize, Set-in-order, Shine and Sustain) is a Lean Thinking technique that makes the most frequently used and current and properly configured tools available to the right people, at the right time and at the right place. The Digital 5S is used to enable a highly engaged, productive and collaborative IT leadership team.
  2. Manage IT – This module aims to maximize the throughput of IT by continuously aligning demand with the supply of IT at the most optimal cost. Manage IT standardizes and automates IT Service Delivery capabilities such as demand, resource, capacity, portfolio and financial management. This module is built around the Magellan Asset Portfolio (MAP) and it provides an easy to use and easy to search repository of infrastructure and application assets used within Magellan. MAP is enabled and operationalized through Service Owners and Solution Owners within our ExO IT organizational model.
  3. Ask IT – This module aims to improve employee productivity by helping them request and receive IT solutions and services through simple, secure, easy-to-use, reliable and context-aware experiences. Ask IT implements a Services Portal and Services Catalog that can be used by employees to order, track and receive solutions and services in a way that is similar to leading online services such as Amazon.
  4. View IT – This module focuses on driving continuous improvement within ExO IT by providing access to real-time dashboards, interfaces, benchmarks, metrics and outcomes used to measure the effectiveness of IT and its operations.
  5. Secure IT – This module automates Security Operations, GRC, adherence to standards, audit controls and other mission critical functions related to protecting the security and privacy of healthcare information and
  6. Operate IT – This module focuses on delivering predictable, secure, always-on operations using standardized and automated IT Service Management capabilities in the areas of Incident, Problem, Change, Event, Release and Capacity Management.

We are currently in flight with rolling DREAMS V1.0 out to the leadership ranks within Magellan IT. This release provides limited scope across all six modules and represents a significant step forward. We have 4 more releases planned for 2018. These releases will add more functionality and roll these capabilities out to a broader audience within Magellan.

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