Magellan’s Collaboration with Click Therapeutics Expanded to Develop FDA-Cleared Therapeutic Apps

Over the past decade, technology has become enmeshed in our lives. From the ubiquitous smartphones we all carry, to connected houses, cars, cameras and more — it seems like just about every object we come into contact with is gaining new capabilities from being connected to the cloud. At Magellan Health, we feel strongly that an individual’s health should benefit from these technological advancements, too.

We are excited to announce that Magellan is expanding its existing collaboration with Click Therapeutics to create Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared therapeutic apps.

Digital health apps are an area that Magellan continues to lead in research and development. Magellan’s Director of Innovation, Brian Keenaghan, recently shared his experience building apps to promote healthy vibrant lives.

 FDA Clearance for Digital Therapeutics

Click will leverage Magellan’s portfolio of software programs, associated intellectual property, and data to create mobile apps for people challenged by conditions such as insomnia, substance abuse, depression and anxiety, and apply for FDA clearance for such apps on the basis of valid scientific evidence supporting the safety and effectiveness of the software. This augments Magellan’s work to provide broad-based, digital and data-driven programs for primary care and specialty care providers.

Magellan Health and Click Therapeutics: Rethinking Healthcare

Last year, Magellan launched a tobacco cessation program with Click Therapeutics leveraging Magellan’s clinical coaching and pharmacy benefit management (PBM) capabilities with Click’s technology and machine learning platform, including the mobile application, CLICKOTINE®, to create an all-in-one solution.

Magellan’s CCBT modules have undergone numerous clinical trials in which they have matched, and in some instances exceeded, those reached by conventionally delivered cognitive behavioral therapy. In addition, Cobalt has received the highest rating from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration’s (SAMHSA) National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP).

You can learn more about Magellan’s Cobalt CCBT capabilities here.

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