Magellan understands that the market looks at pharmacy trends as a gauge to measure pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) success. However, you really can’t compare one trend number to another as every PBM uses different methodologies, different data sets and different calculations to arrive at their trend number, and often adjustments are made to these calculations year-over-year. This is something Magellan likes to call little ‘t’ trend.

Do you know what most of these trend numbers are missing? One of the largest cost drivers today – prescriptions drugs dispensed through the medical benefit – when you combine pharmacy benefit with medical benefit spend, you get what we like to call big ‘T’ Trend. In fact, you need to combine both to see that there is as much, if not more specialty spend going through the medical benefit today that is going unmanaged.

As specialty costs continue to soar the need to leverage effective management and thought-leading expertise is essential.  As pioneers in this complex specialty environment, we have dedicated ourselves to solving the challenges and creating solutions that resolve what’s truly driving big ‘T’ Trend.

Watch our video to learn more.


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