Learn More: Magellan Rx Management’s Medicaid Trend Report Webinar

In today’s complex and continually-evolving healthcare environment, there is clearly a need for better and more efficient management to improve quality and lower cost. When you think about the Medicaid population in particular, the rise in enrollment and other unique complexities certainly pose challenges, but they can also present opportunities, too. Unlike enrollment in the commercial market and Medicare, Medicaid fee-for-service (FFS) enrollment levels vary from month-to-month, making it difficult to manage members with unpredictable treatment needs.

Magellan Rx Management’s extensive 40+ year history managing Medicaid FFS programs for the majority of the nation’s states affords us the ability to analyze this population in a way that can really be of value to those impacted by the evolving and costly prescription drug landscape. Our first edition Medicaid Trend Report is the result of an in-depth data analysis that examines clinically appropriate drug use and cost-savings opportunities for Medicaid FFS pharmacy programs.

To learn more, watch the recorded webinar where we walked through key findings here:


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